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** advocates division **
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Proskauer Rose
On top in the advocates division!

Top Row From left to right: George Karnoupakis, Patrick Daleus, Julian Gomez, Conor Malinowski, David Bell

Bottom Row From Left: Filipe Mirabeua, Dave Silberman, Sergey Kolmykov, Aguinaldo Araujo
Most Valuable Player: Patrick Daleus

** barristers division **

Takes the barristers division title!

Top Row From Left to right: Joe Blake, Jose Enchautegui, Vartan Saravia, me, Clive Ellison
Bottom Row From left to right: David Garcia, Marjie Frobeen, Mike McIntyre, Dalmau Garcia and Francisco Torres

Spring 2004 Season MVP

Mike McIntyre

On June 22 the Cleary soccer team, in its first season, took home the Lawyers Soccer League title by winning their division championship game. To get this far, they had to beat rival law firms such as Sullivan Cromwell, Coudert Brothers, Shearman & Sterling, Frommer Lawrence, Kaye Scholer, and Kronish Lieb. The Cleary team finished a strong second in the regular season taking the 2 seed in the play-off brackets. They then made it from an 8 team bracket to the championship game, surviving the single elimination play-offs, to take on rival Capital IQ, who previously had given Cleary their second loss of the year, in the last regular season game. The final match was thrilling to the very end. Down 3-1 at the half, it looked to be an uphill battle to finish the season. A high energy, intensely competitive battle is the only way to describe the second half. After re-grouping during the break, Cleary came back to tie the score 3-3, and then took the lead 5-3 with three minutes to go in the game. Battered and bruised, Cleary looked to hold on to their 2 goal margin to close out the game. It wasn't to be so easy. Capital scored 2 quick goals to tie the game at 5. The game would be decided by penalty kicks. Goalkeeper Mike McIntyre stood his ground and shut out Capital in the overtime shoot-out. Team members for the season have included: Bruno Werneck, Clive Ellison, Dalmau Garcia, David Garcia, Francisco Torres, Ian Logan, Jennifer Weinman, Jonathan Lloyd, Jose Enchautegui, Joseph Blake, Klaus Cannive, Marjorie Frobeen, Michael McIntyre, Vartan Saravia. The team voted keeper Mike McIntyre as the season MVP. Congratulations to the team on a successful season!